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Apus apus, Swifts, Common Swift, gierzwaluw, vencejo comun, sis hachomot, סיס החומות, Црна чиопа, Kara Sağan, Čiopa, ciopa, chyorny strizh, Gierzwaluw (Apus apus), Vencejo común, Черный Стриж, Martinet noir, Rondone comune, rondoni, åtactara, السمامة, Mauersegler, Apuslife

Common Swift's topography, togography of the Common Swift, feathers, crown, eye line, eye patch, forecrown, lore, chin, throat, ear coverts, hindneck, mantle, scapulars, rump, uppertail coverts, tail, tertials, greater coverts, secondaries, median coverts, leading edge coverts, lesser coverts, lesser primary coverts, alula, median primary coverts, leading edge coverts, greater primary coverts, primaries, median coverts, greater coverts, secondaries, axillaries, undertail, undertail coverts, rear flank, vent, flank, belly, brest, apodidae, apodiformes, size, color, colour, weight, sex, flight acquaintance, flight speed, age, food, enemies, pair bonding, nest, eggs, egg, young, bad weather, voice, download wave file, survive, survival, colony, flying insects

Swift Picture, Swift pictures, Swift photographs,  Mauersegler, Mauerseglerfotos,  Mauersegler Fotos, foto, Swift photo, bird observation, Mauersegler Beobachtungen, Flugkünste, Vogelflug, flock, flight of birds, Slike ptica, Fotografije ptica, Слике птица, Фотографије птица, Virtuelni magazin, Виртуелни магазин



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