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You've found an injured or sick Commonswift? Click here for advice on first aid, medical and veterinary help.


You've found a Swift chick that cannot fly because it is not yet fully developed? Click here for advice on diet and how to support chicks until they can fly.


Welcome to the first website about the Commonswift (Apus apus).

This webpage was created for everyone who is interested in this extraordinary bird. Beginners will find an easy-to-understand introduction to the species, while advanced researchers can get further information from the bibliography of the Commonswift. 

Here you have the chance to make contact with other interested people, or to find answers for any questions you might have. Just post your message on the board! You can publish your observations, your ideas, ask about research, or post anything else to do with Swifts.

In APUSlife, the Virtual Magazine of the Commonswift, you'll find up-to-date scientific articles about the Commonswift, as well as important older texts. 

And now, enjoy the website and have fun with this very special bird.


If you have any suggestions, hints, or information, please  don't hesitate to contact me. 


This website supports London Zoo's Wild Swift Breeding Project   

and the WBK English 

Commonswift Worldwide ę Ulrich Tigges

پرستو, Čiurlys, Црна чиопа, Apus apus, Rorřs obecnř, Commonswift, Tir ababil, Gierzwaluw, Qara uzunqanad, رقيعي، خطاف, 서양칼새, Гара узунганад, Sis hachomot, סיס החומות, Mursejler, Tňrnsvale, Spyr, Randurel pitschen, Tervapńńsky, Piiritaja, پشه خوار, Սև մանգաղաթևին, Mursejler, Gollan mooar, Falzia, Dß×ďovnÝk obyčajnř, Мала пишталка, Gobhlan mor, uHlolamvula, Kara Sağan, عام جلد, Y˘roppa Ama-tsubame, Ihlabankomo, Feigdarsveimari, Drepnea neagră, кара кардыгач, طير نبابيل, Samama, Обична пишталка, Čiopa, Svīre, Tňrnseiler, ნამგალა, Crna ciopa, Chyorny strizh, Ешкіемер, Rundun, Sorbeltz, 검은등칼새, Gierzwaluw, ヨーロッパアマツバメ, Sev Mangaghatev, Namgala, Қара сұрқарлығаш, Vencejo com˙n, iJankomo, Mbayuwayu, Черный Стриж, Zapli, Martinet noir, Europese Windswael, Tornseglare, Rondone comune, Қарлық, Teleka wa Ulaya, Gwennol Ddu, Хурын ураацай, Črni hudournik, Rondone, Σταχτάρα, السمامة, Mauersegler, Gara atgarlawaš, черен бързолет, Sorbeltz arrunta, Dejka, Komuna apuso, AndorinhŃo-preto, Ebabil, Falciot negre, Spāris, M÷nasval, Lehaqasi, Leahttospßlfu, Gwennol ddu, Чорний стриж, Falf÷cske, Jerzyk, 北京雨燕, Sarlˇsfecske, M˙rsv÷lungur, Gabhlßn Gaoithe, Чорны свіргуль, Bezdelīga, Swifts

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